An Artist’s Action Items … Rebuilding

The Artist’s Action Items after a WILD fire:

Thank God that
Makers Make and
Makers do not rest…
Beginning with Mother Nature
Who kindly brings
naught but fresh rain and green grass.


After: The site of the once astonishing Red Round Barn. In remembrance. Photo by Irene Rowley, December 2017.

The Fountaingrove Round Barn. Photo by Greg Zirbel.

Before:  The Fountaingrove Red Round Barn (photo by Greg Zirbel)

Last week I took these photos of the site of the once beautiful, red Round Barn, which was  a historic landmark, and the remains of the Fountaingrove Inn. They both burned to the ground in October with the wildfire. I also drove through the mountaintop neighborhoods in Santa Rosa, now burned down to their foundations, and the music on the radio was playing, Walking in a Winter Wonderland. It felt SO surreal and sad. However, the community has joined forces and “been true to one another.”

The site of the Fountaingrove Inn, December 2017.

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