The Art of Getting Lost ~ in Sonoma

the view from the road.

My first view of Ledson Winery

I love living in Sonoma County. Yesterday, I was just driving to Safeway to get my mom some groceries, and I made one wrong turn. One minute later, I was driving through wine country, looking for a place to turn my car around. I saw this open gate.  It was a large enough place to turn my car and that’s all I saw, at first. I meant to just turn around.

But as I rolled through the gate, I saw this most incredible mansion, just beyond the many green grapevines (the Ledson Winery). So I went into the gardens, and then into the mansion.  I saw great things and I took these pictures… It was a needed break, oh yes! This is getting lost in beauty. This is lost and finding something so beautiful, you can hardly imagine what luck you have!!!

It got me to thinking… All my life, fear has been installed in my head to be afraid of strange places, and the harm that may befall me if I get lost. This was very different. And as I was thinking about how it is different, one of my favorite songs (Home) began to play on the radio, and I heard  these specific lyrics, and understood them, maybe for the first time ever:

“Settle down,  it will all be clear.


So what I am saying is, it can be very refreshing to get lost. I am never more found, than when I am lost. I am never more alive and changing. Never more seeing and hearing. Never more impressionable!  The lyrics continue as follows:

“The trouble it might drag you down (but)
If you get lost, you can always be found…

Just Know You’re NOT ALONE.

I am going to make this place your HOME.” listen now

I wonder how many people look for a Safeway and end up at a brilliant, glorious winery?  Not too many. I was way off the beaten tracks.  Was I really lost? Or was some magic leading me here?

My challenge to you, is to get lost and to discover something that makes that lostness worthwhile. I promise it is magical. You may think you know everything about everywhere, but you don’t really. Your mind is glued. Open it, see the world, hear the music. Don’t be afraid of the demons that will fill you with fear.

Here are the pictures I took when I was lost in the most beautiful winery yesterday.


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