I Walk with Three Kings

A Mazatlan sunset from my last travels

This is the season of the Three Kings from the East, the season of visions and quests, despite political unrest, or perhaps even because of unrest!   (p.s. That was a veiled reference to a new USA president about to take office.) I think that a starry vision is timeless and spaceless, and can bring the peace, that nations and politics can never bring…

In this case of  all unrest, I think that your artwork, intuition and visions, can be the greatest healer and guide. I even had visions that validates this and I don’t want to sound crazy but some of my visions are coming true. (Hence I have been writing My art Scraps blog with a more poetic mind, of late.)
A long time ago, we know that Three Kings from the East saw a star (or comet) in the sky and followed it to see what they believed would be a new king or prophet.  This story is found in the Bible and we often talk of the Three Kings coming during the Christmas season, imagining them arriving at the manger to see Jesus as a  little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. There are many lovely depictions of the Three Kings with long beards to show their age and wisdom, with golden crowns, nice horses and exotic, Byzantine robes. I’d love to be with the Magi, as I have memories of once camping in the wilderness and I feel truly alive on the road.
My Dad looks into the heavents at Mazatlan

My Dad looking at the sky of Mazatlan..

I was always fascinated with the Three Kings as real people and travelers … Since they dared to follow dreams and prophecies, in unity as three friends.  We don’t really know who they were but they come from “the East” (somewhere in Asia) and they believed a new king has come to the earth in “the West”, a king of love and peace. 
I love how the The Three Kings were guided by dreams to take certain paths. They remind me of how I once lived and breathed to travel and was never happier than in the wilderness, looking at the stars, dreaming and hoping to see the next best thing, across the next mountain range! If you travel far away enough, you can find the wilderness where there is fresh air and fresh rain water to drink. See my last post  Green Lake and New Year’s Wish.
In this hectic day and age, I think we need to have visions and dreams, again, and we need to travel towards them. Otherwise, we shall stagnate, “will falter and grow weary” as the old sayings go. Looking for more peace and love, is better than staying put, growing grumpy and distracted. Better than feeling distraught and shaking our hands at the TV screen, wondering why we are going to lose our health care or worse, lose our homes just because we are in the wrong place, at the wrong time (those are more veiled references to being a Democrat losing some of our benefits.)  They say to vote, but I think we also need artists to dream, write more music and paint more pictures.
If you want to read more about the Three Kings, see this summary of  The Story of the Magi .

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