My Green Lake and New Year’s Wish


Irene with brothers and sister at Green Lake

A flashback to my childhood – Irene with my brothers and sister at Green Lake .

Green Lake came to my mind this winter as a cherished place in my heart, where I was happy and could lay down all my worries, and could relax; a place where I matter and once laughed and played; A Holy Place in the wilderness for camping. We all need places like this to hang onto.

I recall that as a child, I loved hiking with a backpack to Green Lake in the High Sierra Mountains. My heart belongs in Green Lake, a wilderness lake nestled thousands of feet above the valleys. I was dazzled by lights, and reflections on the lake during the day; and dazzled again at night by the brightest moon and starry night. We could see every star and meteor shower with greatest of clarity from my sleeping bag with my brothers and sisters, because we were high above the city lights and the smog, breathing thin and crisp mountain air. Oh how I loved camping there. At this time of year Green Lake is surely swaddled in snow and frozen over. But as soon as the spring and summer comes, the snows will melt and the trails will beckon the humans again.

Jul. 3-7, 1980 - My dearest Green Lake.

Jul. 3-7, 1980 – My dearest Green Lake.

Green Lake holds all my childhood hopes and dreams, as a traveller. Here are pictures of those days I camped at Green Lake:  I was a scrappy girl in plaid pants and broken tennis shoes. The shoes were broken down because I loved to hike and climb rocks and trees. I was so active, all my tennis shoes and boots wore out, every summer. I was not afraid of rainstorms or lightening and thunder. AND I had one sister and three brothers so I always had friends and someone to talk to.

Green Lake is a place where a pup tent is just fine, and a place where there’s nothing better than waking up to a sunny day to see the lake reflecting the Sierras, and my Mom making Hot Cocoa and breakfast, and my Dad taking out the maps to plan the next mountain climb
Green Lake is also the place we wrote plays and songs, where we created drawings, where we told stories. Art is alive, always alive, in our hearts and our minds, wherever we travel.  I know from experiences such as this, that we are enrichened always by the sights, sounds and colors of every place we go!
So my Happy New Year wish is for you to also  cherish the places in your heart, and never forget them.



2 thoughts on “My Green Lake and New Year’s Wish

  1. I’m Irene’s dad, Jerry Rowley. I just read your blog about Green Lake. Irene, you completely captured the amazing ‘over the top’ beauty, and the total feeling of peace. You brought tears to my eyes because of the wonderful memories that flooded into my thoughts. I remember so much love in our family especially accented when we camped there. I was so happy introducing all of you kids to how magnificent nature can be at its finest in wilderness. I had visited a number of such sparkling similar places when I was growing up and so wantied to give all of you that high. I have often thought how fortunate we are. I think the majority of our human family has never been to see, experience, and feel places like that.

    • How nice to hear from you. It is interesting that you used the word “SPARKLING” as that word is of particular symbolism and importance this year. I am glad you have traveled these places before me and have brought me up camping. Thank you.

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