Spirituality in Art

Here are my own thoughts on spirituality in art:

angel sewing a broken heart, sketch by Irene RowleyMy sweet old Dad wrote me this week about spirituality, and what HE calls the fifth dimension (5D) as a spiritual dimension. Dad is definitely from the Age of Aquarius!

Here is a picture I found in my old papers, that I drew of an angellc-type person who is sewing her heart up with a needle and thread.

I believe you can sometimes feel or sense what dad calls the fifth dimension. In my words that’s just being with God and my grandma in heaven.  I believe that through art, I myself can see this heavenly realm best …and am exploring some of that in my art now, as I have been painting dreams and the dreams are powerful. Some people are more enlightened and powerful than others in spiritual wisdom. A lot of people are burdened with pain and suffering, which holds them back.  I believe in God (however you understand God) and His almighty and loving presence in a spiritual dimension is what gives us all the power and energy to keep going. Be assured, I THINK that there is a love that will outlast all pain and suffering.
Now, I know there are many religions, so  I do not want anyone to feel alienated when I say the words! After all, people have lately been telling me there is a lot of anger in the world, going around. On TV, we see shootings, brutality and confusion! Please, let’s not be a world of hate! Let’s be a world of love and unity!  I was raised by parents to be open-minded of many creeds and religions … like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Zen, Muslim, Celtic, and Indigenous beliefs. I just wish for peace and unity, that lets creative artists and musicians be. Just let us be! Okay enough said on politics, as I am not running for any office!  Moving along…

What we paint is the reflection of our hearts, minds and souls!
Now,  I know from experience that artists suffer loneliness and doubts! After all, as an artist, you are making quantum and unique shifts and thinking of ideas, that are sometimes considered wild or CRAY-CRAY!  Your probably different from your family.  I don’t know how many times I was called “too sensitive”. I am hyper-sensitive in fact, especially of sounds and colors… but I would not be any other way!
In a recent meditation, I was questioning my importance in this world as a writer and artist…AS my voice is small, and I don’t always get heard. And there is so much noise and clutter in this universe I must compete with. In the quiet moment, my inner voice said this: “SING. Just Sing. Sing and You will be heard !”
Now I know I can’t just break into song, in public as if we lived in a Musical Play,  that would be CRAY-CRAY, for sure!   However I can imagine my thoughts are like songs.. the clearer and prettier I think my thoughts… like songs… the more wonderful and clearly they will be heard.  I thought about that, and how art, music and poetry are so powerful,  they shake the proverbial mountains. (this comes from a biblical quote:  Jesus once said your faith can move mountains.)
Just mentioning music, my mind flies to my melodies in folk music, as well as acoustic guitar,  Enya, and U2. The “mountains” in my mind are literally dissolving into music…  So I think visual art, like music, as its best allows for such leaps of your imagination…. and at its best leaps of faith into better ideas!
Here’s a  take away for you all…I wish for everyone that your hearts are made whole, and that you find your path and your way in this world.  I hope that you can find, name and play with the prettiest colors, music and energy in your art. So shine!
Peace and Namaste,

2 thoughts on “Spirituality in Art

  1. Hi Irene. What a cool idea for a blog. Thanks for pointing me to it. I didn’t know you were an artist! Have you read a book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron? I think you might dig it. Great job here…keep creating!

    • Thanks John! I have not read that book The Artist Way.. it looks like a great one. Do you think artists get to keep making things, writing music and painting in heaven? I like to think that’s what you do in heaven!

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