I Wish I had More Hands

corner of my house,by Irene Rowley

I hung this bottle glass art in the corner, where the bird cage used to hang.

Last blog I wrote about dream interpretation. In retrospect, I might have given you the impression that my dreams and art are both always wonderful and sacred!  In fact, I can spend half my time making things in the mud of real life. Art… like Life… is not all tea and roses!

I’ve been lost in the mud lots of times, while creating it.  Art is a mess! Art is crazy! I think I spend half my time just fixing perceived mistakes. This year I was even losing the battle and the mess was taking over. I wish I had more hands to fix everything with than I actually have! Until then I am messy, and that’s just that.

How can one take a scrap, a fear, or a thought and turn it into a work of art? Well I know from dream interpretation you would take the monsters and fears in your dreams, and you would actually turn towards them… rather than run away. You’d dwell on the fears a bit, until you master the fears and become a stronger person. After you face a monster (in your dreams), you will feel a great new hope.

So in art, I would take a messy scrap, and give it some thought and some time…until symbol emerges like a ray of sunshine. In paintings, I paint many rays of sunshine. Symbols become everything. Carriers of feelings. Condensed memories…

Speaking of symbols… I have been hanging glass art around the house lately. For example, we lost two birds last year, and where there was a bird cage, I scrubbed the walls of the last of their drops and downy feathers, and then hung this bottle glass art. What do you think of that? Now whenever I think of the birds… at least I can look up and see a symbol of their being.

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