Wire Dragons and Butterflies

One of my friends, Sara Bell, has recently invented wire dragons and butterflies, made out of colored wires and beads:

But first, I need to say I feel sad  today, watching the news about the terrorist attacks in the cities of Paris and Brussels, two great cities full of ancient artworks and innocent people. These cities are art centers and cultural centers, with tremulous beauty and long histories. In fact where do you think our western notion of dragons come from?

Threats in the world at large, make me think that art is more important than ever…it’s important to rebuild our world, to share hope and beauty, and to take our thoughts off our troubles! So I am going to keep writing an art blog!

I am fascinated with Sara’s wire art. She has a classical art background and she’s only recently began to make wire figures.

I asked Sara how she came up with this idea of beaded wire art? Sara replied: “My kids wanted dragon toys, so I started making them wire sculpture dragons. The beads came in when they dragons looked dull. Dragons have big hearts and lots of sparkle.”

“Dragons have big hearts and lots of sparkle.” – Sara Bell

I asked Sara what tips and tricks would she be willing to share with others about materials and techniques? She simply replied : “Remember to have fun. If you get caught up in getting all the details right, wire can be very frustrating. That’s why I stay gestural.”

“Remember to have fun.” – Sara Bell

For art beginners, the word gestural describes an art method and style which is often quick and wirey, focused on capturing the basic lines and movements, not on the outer skin and textures. My teacher would often assign my art class to do a series of 1-minute and 5-minute gestural sketches, which forced us to think only of the basic lines and movements, and not get caught in all the details.  I recommend the practice. It helps you overcome artistic fear.

If interested in getting one of these wire dragons or something similar for Christmas, go to Sara’s website  www.simplelinesstudio.com and order dragons directly through her.

If you want to embellish on wire art creations, try adding deco mesh. See the deco mesh wreaths on Connie Waller’s blog, conniescraftycorner.wordpress.com. Deco mesh is a flexible and formable poly mesh, ribbon, or netting with wire edges. It is known under trade names such as Sinamay, mesh netting, vinylmesh, art mesh, and floral wrap.

Now, please go ye forth and make more art…

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