Making Art Rocks

rock art, by Peggy Lindstrom

Dragonfly Mosaic Rock

I’d like to write about using rocks in fine art, featuring the art of a local artist, Peggy Lindstrom.  In art and life, a rock can symbolize our connection to Mother Earth, a connection to our ancestors, and permanency.

rock art ny Peggy Lindstrom

Cameo Heart Rock

Rock art, by Peggy Lindstrom

Broken China Heart Rock

In California, one can find raw quartz from local quarries, pebbles polished by the waves on the beaches, and black and white “salt and pepper” rocks in creek beds or rock stores.

One of my earliest memories include skipping (yes skipping) in my grandpa’s backyard. I would stop to admire the painted rocks grandpa placed randomly in the gravel pathway. My grandpa was an engineer and did not “paint or draw”, so I don’t know where the rocks came from! Perhaps my aunts painted them as young girls.  These rocks had a place in the garden pathway for over thirty years, while grandpa was alive.

In my treasure box, I also keep an orange painted rock that one of my camp counselors made for me, with my name on it. I was about 10, and my camp counselor told me it is to remind me I am loved and special. It does remind me. I still have it!

I discovered a local rock artist this year, Peggy Lindstrom of Marin County, California at Peggy takes rock decoration to a whole new level. She takes garden stones and creek bed rocks, and adorns them with beautiful beads, broken china, bits of jewelry, and semi-precious stones. Her stones delight me as a creative blend of nature and art.  Here are a few examples of her work:

  • Dragonfly Rock: A garden stone decorated with tempered glass and cabochons, and set in an epoxy grout.
  • Broken China Heart Rock: A garden stone decorated with broken china, and set in an epoxy grout.
  • Cameo Heart Rock: A garden stone, decorated with a cameo, stained glass, and handmade glass paper tiles, and set in an epoxy grout.

Peggy says: “I taught hobby ceramics in my garage (sure wish I still had my kiln). I enjoyed the many friendships made with women loving to make something special either for themselves or a loved one…. I love it all Shabby, Traditional, Modern, I never get bored with the many choices to create a new mosaic piece of art.”

To see more of Peggy’s mosaics, check out her Etsy store.

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