I Walk with Three Kings

A Mazatlan sunset from my last travels

This is the season of the Three Kings from the East, the season of visions and quests, despite political unrest, or perhaps even because of unrest!   (p.s. That was a veiled reference to a new USA president about to take office.) I think that a starry vision is timeless and spaceless, and can bring the peace, that nations and politics can never bring…

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Art Journals, Storytelling and Windmills

my art journal … work in progress

Hello! I have started a “creativity journal”. Here’s a look at the painting I did in the cover. .. I found this miraculous white book covered in white canvas, just begging to be my new journal, and I decided to paint this Dutch windmill on the cover!

Everyone has stories in their mind, no matter how buried… mine is just a pouring out from the heart this year, like water out of a jug into my art. I will just tell you one story right now: continue reading

Something from Nothing

the little girl, and her doll

the dollhouse girl I once made, with her little doll.

Making something from nothing is a powerful and spiritual task. I take great joy in making things from the smallest of scraps! In mythology, the poor people are lifted up out of great misery because they make something. This gives me hope, just as it must give hope to millions.

So I began a Google search on this topic of “something from nothing” and came up with a marvelous song Something from Nothing from the Foo Fighters, Sonic Higways last night. Their lyrics express it just right for me! The lyrics are mythical and powerful: continue reading

Making Stepping Stones

Oma's Stepping Stones - yard art

Oma’s Stepping Stones

Oma moved out of her house this weekend to a retirement village. We had to sort through and give up many treasures stored in her house and barn for over thirty years. The question arose what to do with Oma’s stepping stones?  Her grandchildren had each personally handmade a stone, and decorated them with their hand prints and footprints, many years ago. We were in a great hurry and all the cars were full already of furniture. At the very last minute, I saved them from the dump heap, as I just could not bare to lose them!

Stepping stones are easy to make and great yard art. I recommend you try to make a stepping stone, at least once.

How to Make Stepping Stones

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